Cruciate ligament surgery - surgery

The cruciate ligaments are important elements for the stability of the knee joint. Both with small and also especially with big dogs the front cruciate ligament can rupture partially or fully by accidents and wear marks. This leads to an instability of the knee joint.

Cruciate ligament lameness of pain and inflammation are the result. In some cases, develop meniscal damage, frequent long-term consequence is osteoarthritis.

The diagnosis is made by means of preliminary, special lameness examination and radiography. The symptoms include lameness Dribbling with only the limb trembling and stretches the leg when sitting.
The therapy consists of different surgical methods to restore the stability of the knee jointThe therapy includes different surgery methods in order to restore the stability of the knee joint.

  1. Replacement of the ligament
  2. Extracapsular stabilization
  3. TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement)
  4. TPLO (Tibia Plateau Levelling Osteotomy)

We are executing the methods 1 – 3.

TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement)

Cruciate ligament tears can occur in dogs and cats. Over the years, a variety of surgical procedures (combined sometimes with capsular Fasziendopplung, thread-restraint to Flo, TPLO, TTA), designed to restore the lost stability and reduce sequelae such as arthritis. Especially in larger dogs have in recent years, the TTA as a method of choice emerge.

This was developed in America and Switzerland and is based on the correction of the angle at the knee and therefore changes of the joint mechanics. After this surgery, the dogs are able to quickly load the operated leg, so there's posture by relieving muscular atrophy resulting only very rarel.

Advantages of the TTA are:

  • The knee will not be opened unless there will be a parallel meniscal damage.
  • The surgery will not be executed in the bearing part of the Tibia (lower leg).
  • The method is minimal invasive.
  • All this leads to a period of convalescence that is as short as possible and the dogs can put a strain on the lag again very soon.